June 1998 Newsletter

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June 1998

RLDS Association of Ministry to Military Personnel Newsletter
The Peacekeepers
15 Jun 98

It's time for us to get together again via the newsletter. There are a couple of transfers that seem to be in the offing. Captain Michael Nelson tells me that will have left for Turkey on 6 June 1998. He has been in Kuwait up until now.

Sgt Vernon Rasmussen (our vice-president) has been alerted to go to Bosnia sometime this summer. At last correspondence he was not certain if it would come about or not. It seems that the Post Commander of Ft. Carson does not want the unit to leave nor does his superior. It will be interesting to watch and see if local requests are honored. But the good news is that Vernon's wife does not have cancer as was suspected. Both of them were able to breathe a sigh of relief on that one. Vernon will be working on getting a web page together so that those of you on the web can check in with it from time to time. As soon as it is up and running we'll let you know.

At the time this goes to press, Tim Kunzweiler should be home in Utah with Sheila and the kids. He will go from home to Miami for some TDY and then TDY some place else but he doesn't know where yet. We're sure glad to see him out of Panama. Hope he doesn't have to go back, but you know the Air Force.

I just received that Col. Pershing Tousley, Ret., who for many years was in charge of the program called "Saints in Service," suffered a mild stroke on April 29th. His wife, Doris, reports that he is doing better each day. Please keep him in your prayers. He is a good friend and supporter of what the association is trying to do.

Some wedding bells took place on May 30th. Sgt Bill Yaeger and Alisa Trammel were married at Camp Woodland Hills just outside of St. Louis at the Stake campgrounds. It was an outdoor setting as the pavilion is open air. The weather really cooperated with one exception and that was the breeze which was a little too strong kept blowing out the candles. The ceremony was presided over by Elder Terry Trammel the bride's father. After the ceremony all were invited to a reception in the multipurpose building. We want to wish the newly weds a happy and prosperous life. Bill is a career man and is working on his 22nd year. Can you believe it! He's Army and stationed at Scott ABF. What a life!

Word is just in that Sgt. Matt Pement is being transferred to Ft. Lewis, Washington. He's going on ahead while wife Kelli and kids are staying behind until he gets settled in. Can you imagine leaving the beautiful confines of Ft. Riley, Kansas to be stuck about 30 miles from Seattle. They are going to give up the brown, round hills of Kansas for the lush greenery of the Northwest. If any of you want to commensurate with his tough luck let me know and I'll see that they get it. We don't have a permanent address yet but we'll work on it. SSGT Jeff Goodfred and wife Kristine had their baby blessed by Elders Bob Stanke and Chuck Cackler at the East Alton Congregation in Independence. Tyler Michael Goodfred is the great grandson of John Blackstock, who was a church appointee for many years. Sgt Goodfred could not attend the blessing as it seems the Marine Corps had things for him to do. We know that he was there in spirit even though he couldn't be there in person. It was a great service Jeff. Thanks so much for sharing this event with us.

Our secretary's husband, Scott Jobe, is at the present time at Hill AFB. He is training to be a Chaplain in the Air Force. Scott has the endorsement of the church and we are asking for prayers that those who make the selections in July will accept him. He believes he has a calling for ministry in the military.

Scott graduated from Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis in May of 1998 with a Masters of Divinity. He also served as a teaching assistant in Systematic Theology. He received his BS degree from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 1988 majoring in Associate Administration. He also has an AA degree in Avionics from the Community College of the Air Force which he earned while serving on active duty.

Scott has served in various roles in the St. Louis Stake and was just ordained an Elder in 1998. He served as a Chaplain to the St. Louis City Jail during his year of field education through the seminary. He has been active in cell group ministry as well as Contemporary Christian Mission (CCM).

Scott began his military career in the Infantry as part of the Illinois National Guard. He later enlisted in the Air Force and served as an avionics specialist of F-15 aircraft and was stationed in Germany. He was deployed to Turkey and was part of a mobilized contingency during Desert Storm. In 1992 he served as a drug and alcohol abuse counselor and Noncommissioned officer in charge of the Social Actions Division at Scott AFB in Illinois.

Scott has recently been endorsed by the RLDS church as a Chaplain. He and his wife Kim are both Elders and have served together as a team in ministry endeavors. Together they have been responsible for the implementation of the St. Louis Stake and Wood River, Illinois web pages.

We believe the Air Force will be getting a devoted couple that can bring ministry to military personnel wherever they are regardless of the denominations involved. Let's hope that all works out well for Scott and Kim.

Bruce sargent of Casper, Wyoming writes that the RLDS Medical and Dental Association is wanting to develop an air droppable package that could be used in some of the remote areas of Central and South America primarily for those areas where the medical teams from the RLDS Church serve. If any of you have expertise in this area why don't you drop Bruce a note at bruces@caspers.net. He will be glad to share with you any of the details that he might have and can give much more information. If you do not have e-mail and want to get in touch with him his address is: Bruce Sargent - 612 E. 12 St. - Casper, WY 82601-3821 - Telephone 307-237-4845. Let's hope someone can be of help.

We have not had the response that we hoped we would have in helping our funding. While many of you have e-mail addresses and we can get the newsletter to you by this method there are a great number who do not have or at least do not use the medium. Therefore, it is with regrets, that those of you that are not in the active military and have chosen not to lend your financial support, that we must drop you from our newsletter mailings and other services. Even though many of us have e-mail but are NOT on active duty and receive the newsletter by this medium, are still asked to contribute funds. It would not be fair to allow e-mail to be sent to non-active without active membership, which in our case (non-active) is payment of dues. As we have suggested earlier, we will make an accounting twice a year of all income and expenditures. Our next project, providing we have the funds, is to make a mailing to every pastor in the world asking for names and addresses of members in the military from their congregations. Eventually, we hope to include mailings to all personnel serving in the military, no matter which nation they serve, and bring them up to date on what is going on.

If any of you are on active duty and are not receiving the Herald we need this information so you can be placed on the list to receive the Herald free of charge. I do not believe the list that I have is accurate.

If any of you have had experiences with people that is noteworthy, or experiences with the Lord, please send them to me. We want this newsletter to be uplifting as well as newsworthy. Your experiences will allow us to bond together in fellowship and understanding. The experiences do not have to be current, but something you want to share with us.

You might be interested in the places the First Presidency will be during June. Grant McMurray - Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Young Leader's Retreat, Deer Park, PA; Martinsville, IL; Deer Park Reunion, PA. Howard Sheehy - Greater Los Angeles Stake; Phoenix, AZ; Mesa, AZ; Tri-District Reunion, Gulf States region. Ken Robinson - Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Gaylord, MI; Flint, MI; Martinsville, IL; Western Montana Reunion. Busy aren't they? If any of you are where they are going to be -- go see them.

If any of you have e-mail addresses and have not let me know please do so. We are going to try and send as many of our newsletters by e-mail as possible. Not only do you get them quicker but it is less expensive.

Let me say again this newsletter is for the active military. The rest of us just sort of listen in. We want to keep you aware of what's happening and if we get a chance what's going to happen. If any of you active or not, have concerns you would like to air please let me know. Use us as a sounding board. Of course, there are things that we can't do but we sure would like a crack at what we can do.

Thanks to so many of you responding to our requests. It seems like every day fro the past week we have received some new members or information about someone. It looks as though we will mail about 150 snail mail types and roughly 50 e-mail types. This list may drop considerably next time unless we have a greater response from those that are not active. I do not think we should continue to all unless we receive their support. Perhaps next year we can lower the dues structure if we find we can do better. I'm trying to scrounge funds from commercial types as well. But many thanks to those that are willing to make a sacrifice of $10.00 to help us get off the ground.

Back in the sixties Millard and Ann Caldwell started in their home a newsletter called "the Armed Forces Newsletter." Millard was in the army and they felt it necessary to keep military personnel informed. They continued this for a period of time until the World Church took over the publication and authorship. After Millard died, Ann didn't feel she was up to continuing so it became "Saints In Service" and we have had a number of people that kept it going under the funding of the World Church. Our association is attempting to continue the tradition of letting military people know that they are not forgotten. Our aim is to bring whatever ministry we can to service personnel world wide, but since we do not have World Church funding we call on voluntary aid.

Ann writes of an experience that Millard had while in Korea. Millard was the commanding officer of a truck battalion during the Korean War. While there he met Alma Blair. Blair is well known as he has been a teacher at Graceland for many years. Millard lived in a tent. He and Alma met there for a communion service. They had a canteen of water and a slice of bread. Millard testified (many times) that the Holy Spirit was present in great abundance. He said he never felt it any stronger than at that service in a tent in Korea.

Remember that the Lord our Father will be with you no matter where you are if you will allow his presence to dwell within you at all times. We forget sometime when we are far away from what we know to be a familiar setting that God knows where we are and he knows our heart. Don't forget to call upon him.

If you change stations or have changes in addresses please keep us informed. My e-mail address is army05@aol.com

May the Lord watch over and keep you from harms way is our prayer.

God Bless,

Curt Heaviland
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