October 1999 Newsletter

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RLDS Association of Ministry to Military Personnel Newsletter 

The Peacekeepers 
October 1999 Issue

Gremlins have been at work again. I had this newsletter about half typed and I saved it on Microsoft Word but in the meantime I put a new edition on the drive and you can guess what happened - my typed letter is in never-never land.

I will attempt to bring you up to date on what's going on. Tim Kunzweiler is back in CONUS. He has been sent to Davis-Monathan AFB at Tucson, Arizona. That's only about 85 miles south of Mesa where we will be for the winter. So far his promotion has not come through to LTC.

Scott Jobe is still at Eglin AFB and is looking for his Captaincy to come through before very long. He is a RLDS Chaplain on duty with the Air Force. Kim, his wife, is secretary to this organization. We'll keep hoping, Scott.

Brenda and Meredith Mitchell are back in CONUS and their article will appear in this newsletter. We're sure glad that they are back with us. -CH 

Apostle Linda Booth gave a sermon at Far West Reunion this summer and I was privileged to sit under her ministry. She has been gracious enough to recount her words for our uplift. Here is her contribution. -CH

Not everyone agrees that the logo that we have been using is appropriate. In order for us to present all views I am printing a letter to me from Col. Ron Edwards who is stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

Thanks, Ron, for your opinion. Let me suggest another way of looking at the Dove. It is true the Dove is alighting in a rather rapidly descending mode. But, to me it indicates determination. As Peacekeepers we find ourselves in defense of the peace that has been established by other means. As I look at it, we must be determined to see that the peace has a chance to work. This can only be done through a determined effort to keep all parties receptive to the agreed upon terms. It is through strength and determination that the effort will not fail that final peace may be achieved. I agree, we should use military force only as a last resort and only after all other efforts have failed but once an agreement has been reached then let us be determined that the accord will be kept. Hence the determined Dove. Incidentally, the Dove picture in our logo has been adapted as a line drawing only from another Christian organization whose main goal is that of peace throughout the world. -CH

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