February 2000 Newsletter

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RLDS Association of Ministry to Military Personnel Newsletter
The Peacekeepers
February 2000 Issue

News from the Peacekeepers' President

By Curt Heaviland
I was sent an article by one of our members that was written by a Canadian. Here it is:

America: The Good Neighbor

Undervalued and Underappreciated

Here is another article sent to me by Lee and Sandi Ecker.  I think it is appropriate for our time and situations.  It has a good point no matter  where it originated.

Keep Those Addresses Current!

I have a request to make of all of you who receive this newsletter  especially by snail mail.  I'm having a great deal of difficulty keeping current addresses.  Some of you get transferred to different locations and the mail will be forwarded for awhile and then all of a sudden the mail is returned and the forwarding time has run out.  It will only cost you 20 cents to send a post card with your new address.  Every letter has the return address on it.  If cost is a problem we'll send you change by return mail.  Everyone  of you are important to us.  We do not want to lose track of you so Please  send us a new address as soon as you get one. If any of you change e-mail providers please get that to us as well.  I'm trying to keep up but  sometimes I'm a little slow.

A Letter to My Grandson

By Vern Montgomery Vern Montgomery  -- February 2000.

Major Tim Kunzweiler has indicated that he would be willing to occupy the position of Vice-President for the next two years.

Let me know if there  are some agenda items you would like to see us consider at our dinner meeting.
Next issue will be after World Conference.

Curt Heaviland
Association President
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